/ In regions with a lot of sun, solar cookers are an ‘energy-free’ way to cook rice and stews or to boil water.

Reporting that seeks to empower

A BURNING CONCERN is one stream of content developed by The ENERGY ACTION Project (EnAct).

Like many media outlets, EnAct raises awareness of a problem – specifically, how lack of access to clean, affordable and sustainable energy sources and services perpetuates economic and social injustices.

More importantly, we feature solutions – across technology, policy, financing and social action – that trigger change. We aim to demonstrate that good reporting can boost impacts by stimulating uptake of proven approaches or encouraging collaboration that spurs innovation.

Ensuring universal access to adequate, reliable, affordable and clean energy underpins the world’s capacity to address many of the challenges that dominate news headlines, political debates and advocacy agendas.

  • Developing vaccines to tackle a global epidemic or delivering last-mile healthcare.
  • Feeding the world’s growing population as land and water resources become more strained.
  • Lifting people and societies out of extreme poverty or rebuilding countries destroyed by war.
  • Slowing the pace of global climate change or providing rapid response to associated natural disasters.
  • Eliminating negative health impacts and early deaths linked to use of dirty energy sources.

/ Drought in remote areas of Africa and Asia may be triggered by high GHG emissions in industrialised countries.

Global crisis sparks public outrage, prompts demand for inclusion

In combination, the COVID‑19 pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and more frequent and severe weather events have triggered a global energy crisis. High prices have people asking hard questions of their governments and their energy suppliers. On a more personal level, many are making hard choices about how they use energy on a daily basis.

Citizens want assurance that energy will remain available and return to being affordable. Increasingly, they are willing to engage in both protests and debates.

But many feel ill-equipped to make wise decisions because, as multiple studies show, most know relatively little about ‘the invisible force’ they rely on, every minute of every day. To deliver a just, clean energy transition, energy stakeholders must include citizens in the process.

EnAct specialises in delivering news and information that enable ‘energy citizenship’ – that is, the ability of people to actively participate in decisions that affect our collective future. Aiming to help anyone adjust personal lifestyles, join community action or get engaged in shaping energy policy, we create content with strategic intent.

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